Choosing A Brad Nailer

When it comes to choosing the right pneumatic brad nailer, there are several different things you should consider, to make sure that you’re making the right decision. It’s always important not only to consider the current job you’re working on, but also jobs that may be within your future as well. Let’s go through the features and specs you’ll want to consider so you’ll be prepared when you’re ready to buy this construction tool.

Loading Nails

When choosing a pneumatic brad nailer, always consider how easy it is to load. Many of these pneumatic tools on the market today offer a small clear window on the side of the air tool that tells you when you are running low or out of nails. Look for a brad nail gun that you can load with one hand. This is what you want for fast and easy reloads. In conjunction with this, you want to consider how easily you can repair nail jams; these are unavoidable. A pneumatic nailer that offers latches instead of screws can greatly reduce the amount of time to take the tool apart and clear the nail jam.

Size and Weight

A slender nose and light weight body will be greatly appreciated by someone who will be using this construction tool for long periods of time. A slender nose can help you reach those tight and hard to reach places that larger pneumatic brad nailers will not be able to get to. When considering the weight of a nailer, consider the materials it’s made of. Aluminum and magnesium are by far the most lightweight materials you can choose from.

Depth of Drive

Lastly, an adjustable drive depth is essential. Whether you are using this air tool for around your home or in a professional trade, a great amount of time can be saved when you have the ability to adjust the drive depth. There are many different forms of adjustable drives on the market today. Tool-less depth of drive is by far the best today.

What are the Best Pneumatic Brad Nailers?

Now that you have an idea of the different features and specs you want to look for in your pneumatic brad nailer you have a better chance of finding the perfect construction tool for you in amongst the top brands.

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