Getting The Right Router And Router Bits

The woodworking router is considered as one of the most important tools in a woodworker’s shop. Its ability to hollow out an area of even the hardest wood piece is crucial to the success of any woodworking project. This is why choosing the right router is important.

Features to look at

When choosing a router, into account the power of its engine. A powerful motor, especially ones that go beyond 2 horsepower, is important if you are going to work with tough stock and bigger router bits.

Remember that the bigger the diameter of your bits, the slower the router goes. You will need to turn on the power when you have to use such bits, so having the extra power when you need it might be best.

You might also want to get a woodworking router with variable speed control, especially if you are going to swap around router bits. You will want to have as much control over the speed of your routers, so paying for speed control will be worth the extra dollars. If you will only work with a single size of bits, you might not need a variable control that much.

Being able to control the speed of your bits and having enough power to use bigger sized bits will not only give you more options. It will also help you avoid mishaps. If your bit is going too slow, it might leave burn marks on your project. If it goes too fast, like when you use a smaller bit on a powerful motor, chipping might occur.

The collet diameter is also an important feature to look at. Most router collets can hold a bit with 1/4-inch or ½-inch shaft. The latter are costlier and harder to find but routes with less chattering. Remember, too, that a ¼-inch shaft can be fitted to a collet that handles a ½-inch shaft.

Important things to consider

An important feature to consider is whether to buy a stationary base woodworking router or a plunger. For stationary routers, you set the depth for the router bits and it stays there while you are using the machine. Plunger routers allow for variable depths during work.

Some woodworkers recommend getting a stationary router first and gradually save up for a good plunger. Additionally, you can mount the stationary router on a router table after you get a plunger. This allows the stationary router to act like a spindle molder.

Be particular to handling options. Routers come with all sorts of handles, and some even have variable handles. Control is important in woodworking, especially with machines like routers, so the one you buy should have handles that you are comfortable with, and ones that you can easily control.

Remember that your woodworking cutter will be a key tool for your work. If you pick the right one for your needs, you will not only be investing in an important piece of equipment but also ensure the smooth flow and quality of your work.

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