What is PVA glue and best PVA glue brands to buy

So what is PVA glue?

PVA glue is an extremely helpful item to have in your toolbox. PVA, which stands for polyvinyl acetate, is a strong type of carpenter’s glue usually used for wood projects. PVA glue is relatively odorless and gentle on your skin, so it’s a #1 choice for many. It has several uses and can act as a sealer, primer, bonding agent and dust proofer. It dries quickly and has extremely high bond strength, which makes it one of the most efficient types of glues out there. Now that you can confidently answer the question “What is PVA glue?” it’s time to talk about the benefits of PVA glue, PVA glue brands and the best PVA glue.

What is PVA glue: the benefits

PVA glue is extremely versatile. It can be used for everything from book binding to carpentry to crafts. There are three main types of PVA glue: traditional PVA glue, PVA wood glue, and PVA water resistant glue. The first type is white and dries clear; it’s usually used for book binding and box sealing because it stays flexible after drying rather than becoming stiff. PVA wood glue absorbs into wood when it comes in contact with it and is yellow in color. Lastly, PVA water resistant glue is the best choice if your project will be in harsh weather conditions. This being said, most PVA glues can perform the same tasks. When purchasing PVA glue, try not to get too caught up in the details.

PVA glue is the #1 adhesive choice for many for several reasons: it dries clear, doesn’t disintegrate with time, is odorless and doesn’t turn yellow. Many people mistake PVA glue for Elmer’s glue and, while the two can oftentimes yield similar results, Elmer’s glue dries yellow and isn’t as durable.

PVA glue brands

There are several PVA glue brands, all of which are relatively similar. Books By Hand, Helmar and Tran, Alcolin, Mont Marte and Bostik are some of the most popular brands and are all around the same price point. When buying PVA glue, remember that most PVA glue brands yield similar results; if one is more expensive because it claims to be extra-strong or better for a specific project, don’t trust it.

The best PVA glue

Unfortunately, there is no one “best PVA glue.” However, some brands of PVA glue do tend to get better reviews than others. According to several sources, Books by Hand and Helmar PVA glues are the highest quality and best value PVA glues on the market. However, that’s not to say that PVA glue brands like Tran and Mont Marte don’t also have high ratings and positive reviews. At the end of the day, it all comes down to price and preference. Don’t overpay for a PVA glue, but do try a few different PVA glue brands to see which you prefer.

PVA glue is one of the strongest, most durable and most tolerable glues on the market. Regardless of whether you’re building a desk, binding a book or sealing an envelope, PVA glue will perform best.

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